Bolt and Nut Centre

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Our Products

Bolts: High Tensile, Mild Steel, Brass, Stainless, Metric Fine, Imperial, Plough, Nib, Coach, Cup Squares, Hook, Eye, Gate Hangers, Fence Straining, “U”, Gutter, Center, Cap Screws, Grub Screws, Threaded Rods

Washers: Imperial, Metric, Bright Steel, Black Cut, Spring, Fender, Wavy, Star/Tooth, Cup, Taper, Cone, Fibre, Copper, Aluminum, Hardened, Roofing, Disk Type, etc

Anchors, All types of masonry & industrial anchors including: Rawl Bolts, Nail Plugs, Chemical Anchors, Drop-Ins’, Wedge Anchors, Plasterboard Fixings, Plugs etc

Chemicals: Hand Cleaners, Silicones, Thread Lockers, Retainers, Sealants, Adhesives, Epoxies, Super Glue, Gasket Sealants & Makers, Cutting Fluid & Paste, Copper Compound, DWF, Q20, Radiator Flush and the full range of PS23 products


Nuts: High Tensile, Mild Steel, Brass, Stainless, Metric Fine, Imperial, Cleveloc, Nyloc, Wing, Dome, “T”, Speed, Castle, Long, Durloc, Flange, Push-On Fix etc

Tools: We stock a wide range of various hand tools and Power tools, Spanners, Socket Sets etc. We sell DeWalt, Ingco, Gedore, Will, Marathon Stanley, Somta, as well as various other brands.

Screws: Wood, Self Tapping, Chipboard, Machine, Coach, Furniture, Topspeeds, Roofing, Selfdrilling, Drywall etc

Abrasives & Cutting Tools: Cutting / Grinding / Sanding Disks, Drill Bits, Holesaws, Taps, Dies, Files, Water Paper, Emery Rolls, Mounted Points, Polishing Tools, Burrs etc

Miscellaneous: Pop Rivets, Grease Nipples, Split Pins, Wheel & Manifold Studs, Hose Clamps, Assortments, Nails, Self Cutting Inserts, Welding Rods, Chain, Cable Ties.