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Price Price Price!

The price war and the practice of always bargaining and beating suppliers down to the lowest possible price is a widely practiced principal of many individuals and businesses, even more so in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where price is always the most important factor in decision making. Far more emphasis is placed on better pricing than better products or services.

There is nothing wrong with getting a good deal, why pay more than you need to right?
Well, globally this constant need for better prices has had a major effect on nearly every product and service.

That’s because of greed. In reality it’s only the connected few who prosper while the rest get very little. A few hardworking business owners achieve some success, but it’s a small drop in a very big corrupt pool.

Greed. It drives people and businesses to do illogical things. Push the very limits of scientific facts. Like the fact that if you get more in one area others will suffer.

Corporate greed has single handedly caused the overall quality of almost every single product available now to be inferior in quality then those same products were a few decades ago.

In our industry the clearest example of this is power tools. Many of our older customers will still to this day be using a drill or angle grinder that they bought new when they first started out in life. Some even have power tools handed down to them from their fathers.
That simply will never happen today. There aren’t any power tool brands currently being made to last generations. The same applies to cars, household appliances and almost everything we buy. And that’s our fault, every business owner, every shareholder, every customer, every consumer. Because we demand better prices. We demand higher profits. We expect more than what logic allows.

Greed. It starts with a small purchase of an inferior product at a far reduced price. That takes away business from a supplier of quality products who then has to become more competitive. But the shareholders aren’t going to sacrifice profits. The only way around this is to produce an inferior product.

Others will put in a lot of effort to find out who supplies their suppliers, cut out the middleman and buy direct. Great idea. This practice is very common and while it doesn’t seem all that bad it completely destroys the smaller middleman businesses who are often local suppliers to many businesses who provide great service and convenience. Cutting them out, removes the most important privilege any human can wish for, choice.

Competition is good for obvious reasons. It keeps businesses on their toes, keeps service levels up and prices fair. But taken to far, it’s the customer who was demanding unfair prices who loses out in the long run. Not being able to choose a supplier, because there is only one left, is not a good position to be in. We encourage fair competition.

We have always operated in a way that customers receive fair prices. True value of money in that the profit we make is high enough to afford us the ability to reward good staff for hard work and excellent service to our customers. Yes, if you shop around, you will no doubt find someone willing to supply you at a slightly lower price. We believe you won’t find anyone able to sustain those prices and maintain the same level of service.
And you won’t miss the good service, until its not there..

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