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Tough Times

Lets just be honest, 2018 wasn’t a very good year for the average South African business. The lack of business confidence trickled down from the very big corporates and commercial farmers to the little guys who support them.

2019 has started slower than most years. It seems most people have somehow put their lives on hold, waiting to see what happens in the elections. Businesses don’t appear very keen to take on any major expansion plans and this is causing a massive loss of income to the smaller support businesses. 

There also seems to be a huge cash flow problem country wide, which one can only assume started at the very top, with the biggest spender, Government, not paying its bills on time.

There are in essence, two options for us small business owners, scrape together whatever we can in terms of investments and cash and close shop and retire or change our business model, continue to fight. Find new and untapped markets and forge ahead with only positive attitudes.

Bolt and Nut Centre chooses the later. We will continue on our path to be the best and most accessible fastener business to customers across all industries and sectors.

Positive attitudes attract results. Which is probably why so many people want to be part of our business, whether its working directly for us in one of our branches or buying into our franchise system. Attitude, ethics and service. Our business model works.

South African business will get through the temporary slump, but only the very best will be there in the end.

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